Grow your vaccination business

Most pharmacies miss over 70% of vaccination opportunities. VaccineComplete lets you see a patient’s missing vaccinations so you can offer them during a pickup visit, or proactively invite a list of eligible patients with a pre-recorded message. Offer vaccines for MMR, TDAP, HPV, shingles, pneumonia, and seasonal flu, as well as CDC-recommended travel vaccines. A comprehensive vaccination program grows your pharmacy revenue, with an average of $23 per vaccination.

Getting Started

Pharmacist checklist


☐ Authority to administer vaccines in accordance with state regulation 
☐ Certificate in an APhA Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery Certificate Training Program
☐ Current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS)/Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


National Provider Identifier (NPI)
☐ Medicare Provider Number for Medicare Part B vaccine reimbursement


☐ Contract with local disposal or pickup service
☐ Purchase supplies and inventory
☐ Review rules and regulations regarding storage and handling of vaccines 

Understand that the ability to provide, bill, and administer vaccinations is contingent on compliance to the rules and regulations listed above, in addition to any state-specific laws that may not be listed.
State-specific immunization websites