Q: Why is PrescribeWellness partnering with LifeScan? How are we supporting this program?

A: We have partnered with LifeScan to help educate and inform patients who are on the old, OneTouch Ultra meter that there is a coupon available to them to receive a free, OneTouch Verio Flex meter. We will be sending eligible patients two text messages. If a patient does not upgrade their meter within 45 days of receiving the first text message, they will receive a second text message reminder.

Q: When does this program end?

A: June 30, 2019

Q: How do I enroll in this program?

A: You must opt in. Eligible pharmacies were emailed an opt-in form. If you believe you are eligible, and did not receive an email, please contact our Client Solutions team.

Q: Am I eligible to participate in this program?

PrescribeWellness has pre-identified and contacted pharmacies that are eligible to participate. Eligible pharmacies must be current clients, not operating in the state of California, who have at least one patient who has filled an NDC for the old Ultra meter within the past 6 months, and also not filled for the new meter NDC. Eligible pharmacies must opt in to this program.  

Q: What should my pharmacy be doing if we are included in the program?

You may receive questions from patients. You should inform patients why they received the text message and the benefits of upgrading to the new meter, OneTouch Verio Flex.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: This is a complimentary service to pharmacies.

Q: How can my pharmacy see if a patient received a text message?

A: The communications section of the patient profile will indicate if a patient received a text message.

Q: I am concerned about the volume of patients eligible for the Verio Flex Meter program.

A: We will contact no more than 10 patients per day.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the voucher being sent to my patients?

You can find a full resolution copy at this link. A photo copy is also listed below.