The virtual staff you never knew you needed

We’re excited to introduce VRxAssist! Our highly trained clinical team will be an extension of your practice, assisting you in enrolling patients in your Med Sync program, identifying and conducting Medicare plan reviews for patients, and so much more. Want to know what our clients say? Read what Matt Robinson, RPh and pharmacist-in-charge at Poole’s Pharmacy Care in Owensboro, KY has to say about it… then contact our Client Support team to get it for yourself!

Let me see!

Look at you, thriving and stuff…

We’re now halfway through our Thrive Transform Your Pharmacy Webinar series! The good news is if you haven’t registered or haven’t attended any of the sessions, you can still get caught up and receive your CE credits. You’ll get the opportunity to communicate with experts on various topics like documentation, value based reimbursements and more. Best of all, it’s free!

Transform My Practice

Back to school!

This fall, PrescribeWellness is taking your pharmacy back to school! When it comes to brushing up on your PrescribeWellness skills, there’s no better resource for that than University. We have an individual page for each solution, each program, and a full library of our various campaign scripts. Hit the books!

We (Prescribe)Care!

Did you know that being a PrescribeWellness pharmacy means that you receive access to PrescribeCare, our eCare plan solution, for FREE? Yep, you heard that right. PrescribeWellness pharmacies do not have to pay extra to access this solution — that’s because we know how impactful PrescribeCare can be for your pharmacy and patients, and we want to make sure all of our pharmacies can benefit from it. If you’re not sure how to navigate PrescribeCare, feel free to contact our Client Support team for assistance at 800.960.8147 or visit the PrescribeCare University page

You’re not alone…

What to say when you begin a big home improvement project…

Where should I start? Your Patient Engagement Center is the hub for all of your PrescribeWellness activity. This means it’s extra important to understand all of the functionality that’s available. Even though the platform is easy to navigate, everyone can use a refresher now and then. Visit the PEC University page to check out the resources we have for you today.

What to say when the batter hits a ball into the stands…

Heads up! Flu season is almost here. As a VaccineComplete pharmacy, we’re willing to bet that you already know the value behind using the VaccineComplete filters to find your vaccine-eligible patients. But are you also utilizing your prescreening forms? Print these out and have them available for your patients to streamline the vaccination process. That way, your patients can get in and out of your pharmacy in a breeze.

What to say when the mailman drops off a letter for you…

People still write letters? Yep. And with Open Enrollment just around the corner, many of your patients might be receiving letters from plans and PBMs, convincing them that they have to leave your pharmacy and go to a mail-order pharmacy. Spoiler alert – this is not necessarily true! Make sure your patients know by using the script below to send a one-time campaign.

“Hi, this is ​​​Place holder 1​​​, your pharmacist here at ​​​Place holder 2​​​. You may have received letters saying you can no longer use this pharmacy for your Medicare Prescription Plan. This is not true. You can still use your Medicare plan at our pharmacy. Please call us at ​​​Place holder 3​​​ so we can provide more information about this or if you receive any such communication. Thanks, and we hope to see you soon.”

Record My Campaign

What to say when you find yourself getting more and more forgetful by the day…

Alexa, remind me to call Aunt Mary tomorrow. Speaking of… PrescribeWellness is thrilled to bring a new version of reminders to the table. Coming soon, you’ll be able to enroll your patients in a Med Time Reminder Care Campaign, which you can access right from the patient profile. When enrolled, a patient will receive reminder texts to take their medications. The campaign can even be customized to match how often the patients wants to receive these reminders. So keep an eye out for this feature, you don’t want to miss this!

What to say when you’re in a hurry…

Let’s streamline this.  You know that a Med Sync program like StarWellness has the power to streamline your workflow, and now you can see exactly how! Check out our best practices, which outline exactly what to do in your pharmacy to reap the benefits of StarWellness and experience a smoother, proactive workflow!

What to say when you don’t understand what’s going on in the family group text…

Will someone catch me up to speed please? You might be asking the same question about PharmacyReach, our social automation solution developed specifically for pharmacies like yours. That’s why we created our training videos, like these. In just a few minutes, you’ll be all caught up. So get started!

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