Do your patients get confused about their refills? No problem! You can choose to include the Rx# in the patients Clinical Refill Reminder text message. Just give us a call, and we can set it up for you!

Bug Fixes

When sending out campaigns, certain clients were noticing that some campaigns were remaining with it’s status listed as New. This has been addressed.

Improper values for Active and Maintenance medications were displaying for some patients on the VaccineComplete patient list. This has been addressed.

The message center was displaying duplicate messages for some communications. This has been addressed.

Certain pharmacies were experiencing an issue with loading their PrescribeCare encounters tab. This has been addressed.

Users were experiencing issues trying to connect either Facebook or Twitter to their PharmacyReach profile. This has been addressed.

Certain users were experiencing an issue when trying to duplicate posts within PharmacyReach. This has been addressed.