Introducing Interactive Refill Reminders!

Interactive Refill Reminder is our latestPharmacyGrowth feature. With this new feature, patients will be sent an automated proactive, or past due, refill reminder text message from your pharmacy asking if they would like their medication to be filled. If the patient responds with “REFILL”*  their medication will automatically be pushed you’re your pharmacy’s dispensing system queue!

Any PharmacyGrowth clients with current push-to-queue capabilities are eligible for this awesome new feature!

Please note, this feature is opt-in, so if you would like to participate, just give us a call!
*patient responses are NOT case sensitive

Message Center


You now have the ability to attach an image when sending messages to patients!

We’ve added even more communication options- You will now be able to send custom faxes from within the message center! You can load your own PDFs as faxes to send to any fax number or physician. You can do this by clicking Create Fax within the message center (illustrated below).

This will open a window where you can upload their own PDF, and associate a patient with that fax (illustrated below).



Cognitive Status and Recipient of Assessment information will now be included on PrescribeCare printouts. This is designed to help keep your pharmacies information consistent across all forms of documentation.



Vaccines that are dispensed from your pharmacy’s dispensing system will now be linked with vaccines administered within VaccineComplete if the dates are within 7 days of each other. This will help if your pharmacy dispenses a vaccine a few days in advance to prepare for an event or check for insurance, before actually administering the vaccine to the patient. 



Two is not always better than one! Patients will now only receive one text consent. Previously patients may receive multiple program text consents, but they are now all included in one, to help lessen the chance of over-communication.

Patient Engagement Center


We are now offering push- to-queue for Liberty dispensing system! If your pharmacy

You will now be able to see notes within the Custom Calendar within the day view of events (illustrated below).

Bug Fixes

  • Some users were unable to successfully send OnDemand campaigns from PharmacyNow. This has been addressed.
  • Some users were unable to generate emails for plans within PrescribeMedicare that were missing CMS Star Ratings. This has been addressed.
  • Some users were experiencing difficulty filtering patient lists by plan. This has been addressed.