Message Center


  • Patients can now respond with “U” to un-enroll from any program text messages, like care campaigns! Previously, patients could only respond “STOP,” which would opt them out of all texts from your pharmacy entirely. By responding “U,” the patient is only un-enrolling from that particular type of message.
  • Text message replies with “Stop” (to turn off text messages) will not be displayed in the Message Center. This will help make your Message Center easier to navigate!



  • There is now a new consent field when administering vaccines to a patient. This field will ask for consent to send the patient’s vaccine information to the State Registry. Certain states require that explicit consent be given, so this will help all of our pharmacies to be more compliant. Data will be sent only  if this field is marked.


  • When administering the HPV Vaccine, the Vaccine field is not pre-populating as it should. This has been addressed.
  • Certain clients were experiencing an issue where the vaccine expiration date was not saving. This has been addressed.



  • Certain users have been unable to connect a new Twitter account. This has been addressed.

Patient Engagement Center


  • Campaign names were not appearing in the Communications tab on patient profile. This has been addressed.



  • Certain users were unable to edit the DS (days supply) in the patient profile. This has been addressed.