Medicare Open Enrollment for 2018 is here! Our team has been working hard to improve PrescribeMedicare so your pharmacy can easily assist your patients during this important time of year. Listed below are some of the most recent enhancements we have made to PrescribeMedicare!

The 2018 Medicare Plan Data is now available! You will now be able to conduct plan reviews for 2018 Part D plans with your patients.

You are also now able to compare upcoming plans with the patient’s current plan. Upon entering PrescribeMedicare for a patient, you will be prompted with the option to select the patient’s current Medicare plan.  If you or your patient knows their current plan, use the drop-down menu to select the plan (illustrated below).

Once the plan is selected, click Ok to continue into the PrescribeMedicare Plan Finder Tool.

Once you select a Current Plan it will be pinned and highlighted at the top of the Plan Finder Tool. The cost difference between their current plan and other listed plans will be displayed in red text on the right hand column (illustrated below).

PrescribeMedicare will now display each plan’s monthly premium amount with cents included (illustrated below)! Previously, PrescribeMedicare would round the amount to the closest whole dollar amount.


PrescribeMedicare will also now display the quantity limit amount (illustrated below). Previously, you were only able to see that a quantity limit existed. Our latest update allows you to see the exact amount of that quantity limit.

PrescribeMedicare can be used throughout the year, even after Open Enrollment.  There is a new Start In filter that allows you to select which month you’d like to start your plan review from (illustrated below). This is useful, as it will display total amounts for that time period, rather than the cost for the entirety of the year. You can use the drop down menu to select for the month that the plan will begin, and see what the patient will be paying from that point forward.