Message Center


INTRODUCING TWO-WAY TEXTING! Our latest feature allows for your pharmacy to send out automated refill text messages. These automated messages are sent to patients who have a medication due for a refill, asking if they would like for the medication to be filled. If the patient responds yes, the prescription will be pushed directly into your dispensing system queue. To set-up this feature, we must first link a unique phone number to your PEC. Linking your pharmacy phone number requires a 30-minute set-up appointment. This will allow for any text messages sent through your PEC to be sent directly from your pharmacy phone number, as well as push any refill requests directly into your work flow. To schedule an appointment, click here! 

No time for an appointment? We can also send texts to your patients using a local phone number (this will be a phone number with the same area code as your pharmacy), which allows all the same features and functionality mentioned above! No appointment necessary! To request a local phone number, please email our client support at Please be sure to include your pharmacy name and contact information.

You can now start a new message thread from directly within the Message Center! To do so, click on the Actions button in the upper left hand corner of the Message Center and select New Message. A window will appear to prompt them through creating and sending a custom text (illustrated below).

We’ve re-organized! The Message Center will now organize the list of conversations by the most recent message, regardless of whether the message was sent by your pharmacy or the patient. Previously, it has been organized by the most recent patient reply.

Patients will be able to respond with “U” to un-enroll from any program text messages. This allows the patient to not receive text messages related to a specific type of text (like Med Time Reminders) but not be opted out of all text messages entirely.

Patient Profile


More categories! There will now be a Programs section on the patient profile (illustrated below). This will allow users to see what programs a patient is enrolled in so that they may work on opportunities related to the listed programs.



Internet Explorer 11 users were unable to add NPI or Lot Numbers within the Administer window. This has been addressed.



Need a printout for CMS? You now have the option for a different format for an encounter printout (currently there  is a patient printout and a provider printout). This new print out will be a CMS format printout. This will allow your pharmacy to bill CMS for these encounters

More data formats! You can now download the FHIR JSON version of an encounter.



The Compare Selected button was not working if a user had applied the Start In filter.This has been addressed.



When a user attempts to load multiple images at once into PharmacyReach, only one image will successfully load. This will be addressed.