Patient Profile


Introducing the new Patient Profile Timer! Our new timer will be housed at the top of the patient profile and allow you to track how much time you’re spending with a patient. This can be extremely helpful for any billing opportunities that may ask for the length of time that patient encounters are lasting.

To start the timer, all you need to do is click Start (illustrated below). This will automatically begin the timer.

Once you have completed meeting with the patient, click Stop (illustrated below).

You will be automatically prompted to log any notes and additional details in the next window (illustrated below)

Want to review later? All time logs will be tracked in the Logs tab on the patient profile!

When enrolling a patient in Med Time Reminders, you will now be prompted with a suggested end date. This will help ensure that your patients are not receiving Med Time Reminders if their medication is no longer active!

For patients with 1 medication, it will be based on the days supply of that medication as well as the amount of refills remaining. If the patient is enrolling multiple medications, it will based on the medication with the least amount of days supply and/or refills remaining.



Your patients will no longer receive Lost Soul Campaigns from the associated pharmacies of the patient’s primary pharmacy (ie, if the patient primarily visits your location, and visits a sister location for one service, they will not receive a Lost Soul Campaign from the sister location).


Some users experienced an error when generating an OnDemand campaign from the patient profile. This has been addressed.



Goals in PrescribeCare will now be tied to goal categories. Previously, goals were a free-text field so trying to report on goals in a standardized format was not possible. Example goal categories include:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • Clinical
  • Dietary
  • Education
  • Medication
  • Etc.

For some users viewing PrescribeCare using Internet Explorer 11, certain fields on the Insurance Details page are not visible. This has been addressed. 

Patient Engagement Center


Some clients using Internet Explorer 11 were having trouble previewing documents before printing, as well as actually printing documents. This has been addressed.

The margins are misaligned for certain VaccineComplete and PrescribeMedicare printed documents for clients using Internet Explorer 11. This has been addressed.



You can now see the Health Plan Monthly Premium and the Health Plan Annual Deductible displayed in addition to the Drug Premium and Drug Deductible for MA PDP plans (Part C). The Health Plan premium and Health Plan deductible amounts will be displayed right underneath the Drug Plan premium and Drug Plan deductible values (illustrated below).