This awesome new feature will allow your pharmacy to easily communicate with your patients via text. All texts sent to your pharmacy can be viewed within the message center AND you can easily respond!

You can navigate to your Message Center by clicking on the chat bubble icon in the tool bar (illustrated below). Any new alerts will be indicated with a red bubble.

Once the Message Center is opened, you can see all their messages conveniently in one place (illustrated below)

If you click on any of the messages, you will see the entire conversation thread. You can even respond to the message, if necessary (illustrated below)! These responses will be sent to the patient as a text message.

Introducing Med Time Reminders!

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Who’s not a little forgetful now and then? You can now enroll your patients to receive Med Time Reminders! Med Time Reminders are automated text messages sent to your patients to remind them that it is time to take their medications. You can enroll your patient on their patient profile within the Medications tab (instructions below).

Click on the Med Time Reminder tab from within the Medications portion of the patient’s profile.

Next click the + Add Reminder button (illustrated below).

Search for the patient medication using the Drug field (illustrated below). You can select multiple medications if needed.

Click Save. The next window will prompt you to select the days and times to send the reminder. You can also select the date that you would like for this reminder to end (illustrated below).

You can disable any Med Time Reminders at a later date by using the toggle (illustrated below).

New Care Campaign!

There is now a Weight Loss Care campaign available for PharmacyGrowth members. This campaign joins alongside the two existing Care Campaigns for Smoking Cessation and Diabetes Education.

Patient Engagement Center


You can now sort patient lists by opioid values (Opioid Risk Class, MME per Day, and Composite Risk Score)!


Clients using Internet Explorer 11 could not properly use the Add Patients window. This has been addressed.


We’ve added time logs! Do you ever wonder how much time you are spending with each patient? We can help with that! You can now manually add a time-log entry to a patient profile.

Any time logged will be shown in a new Log tab on the patient profile (illustrated below).

To do this yourself, you can click Add Log Entry to manually add a time log. A window will appear which will ask for the amount of time spent, and you can also add notes (illustrated below). Any logs will always be displayed within the Log tab on their profile.