Our main mission here at PrescribeWellness is to make your life easier, which means saving you time. One way we’ve done that? You can now copy information from a patient’s previous encounter. This will save you time when conducting a series of encounters over time for the same patient. When creating a new encounter for a patient, you will be asked if you would like to copy notes from a previous encounter (illustrated below).



You can now see the different co-pay levels during the different coverage levels throughout the year (such as initial coverage, or catastrophic coverage) in the Compare tab. Currently this information is only available within the chart when the cursor is hovering over the different bars.


If you have been using PrescribeMedicare on Internet Explorer 11, margins were not properly aligned when printing. This has been addressed.

Patient Engagement Center


We’re keeping it consistent! Within the Filters buttons, the term Raised Blood Pressure will be changed to Hypertension (this is found under the Demographics tab in the Disease State filter). This will help avoid any potential confusion by adding more consistent terminology. Additionally, on Fax Printouts the term Last Pickup Date will be changed to Last Fill Date.



There is a new flu season each year, which means new flu vaccine opportunities! Moving forward, flu vaccine opportunities that were marked as declined will be reset every year on August 1st (the beginning of flu season).



Patient communication consent will be captured based on the patients’ cell phone number. Currently, consent is tied to their unique patient ID, meaning they will still receive communications even if they were to obtain a new device with a new number. If a patient’s cell phone number is updated in the patient profile, they will receive a new text message consent.

New campaign alert!! You can now set up multi-dose vaccine campaigns. Now you can record a recurring campaign that will be sent to patients who are due for the second dose of certain vaccines, like Shingrix.

Coming Soon!

Need an easier way to text your patients? We’re almost there! Stay tuned for the upcoming PrescribeWellness Message Center! This awesome new feature will allow for our pharmacies to easily communicate with their patients via text. All texts sent to the pharmacy will be able to be viewed within the message center AND users can easily respond! The message center will be available along the tool bar. Any new alerts will be indicated with a red bubble.

Do your patients need some help remembering to take their medications? We’ve got them covered! Soon, we will launch Med Time Reminders, an easy way to send automate reminders to your patients that it is time for them to take their medications. You can enroll patients from their patient profile with just a few clicks.