StarWellness Push to Queue

You now have the ability to push medications from your Patient Engagement Center directly into your pharmacy management system workflow queue.  This new function is now available due to an integration from PrescribeWellness and your Pharmacy Management System vendor.

The Push to Queue feature works for medications that are enrolled in Med Sync in the PrescribeWellness platform.

 How to Push to Queue

From the Patient Medication Profile (shown below) you will see a column labeled “Pushed” where you may click (for each medication) to Push the medication to your queue. This will only work for medications that are enrolled in Med Sync.

With a successful push, you will see a message on the top right of the page. You will notice the Push toggle is now solid to notify you of the push (shown below).

You can also Push multiple medications at once to your queue by using the Actions button.  You may either “Push Selected to Queue” or “Push All to Queue”

You can also Push to Queue from your Clinical Calendar events.

The Actions button with Push Selected and Push All is also available.

Example of a successful push message from the Calendar view.

PharmacyGrowth Text Messaging

We are happy to introduce text messaging as a new feature to PharmacyGrowth!

Currently there are 4 text message campaigns available:

  1. Refill Reminder – a recurring campaign
  2. Will Call Bin Management- an OnDemand campaign
  3. Text Consent – a one time campaign sent to your mobile users, if your pharmacy would like to opt in to the text messaging feature. This will allow each patient with a cell phone number listed in their profile to opt out of receiving text messages
  4. New Patient Text Consent- a recurring campaign. This will be sent automatically to your pharmacy’s new patients who provide a mobile number, allowing them to  opt out of receiving text messages

Patients who have only a landline number listed will still continue to receive voice campaigns.

Patients with only a cell phone number listed in their profile will receive only text campaigns (unless otherwise requested) to avoid over-communicating with patients.

Patients with both a cell phone number and a landline number in their patient profile will receive both texts and calls, according to each type of phone. Meaning, the patient will receive a text to their cell phone and a call to their landline.

There are new icons on your Patient Engagement Center Communications table to represent text messages (illustrated below).