Patient Engagement Center (PEC)

  • Still a little confused about the Performance Metrics? We’re here to help! When you click on the ?button that is located near the Performance Metrics (star ratings) you will now be brought to this document on University that explains how Star Ratings work.
Bug Fixes
  • The number of opportunities for patients displayed within the patient profile has been incorrect for some users. This has been addressed.
  • The missed refills tab was displaying patients that do not actually have missed refills. This has been addressed.
  • Certain users were having issues hovering over the graphs displayed on the patient Medicare plan review page within a patient profile. This has been addressed.
  • For some users, the campaign names were not displaying within the Campaign Namecolumn on the connection graph OR within the patient profile under Communications. This has been addressed.
  • The Current Population Star Ratingsand the Adherence/Safety Rings are not updating when applying the physician group filter. This has been addressed.


  • Yay! We saved you a few seconds (better than nothing, right?). You will no longer be required to enter a condition in an encounter. Instead, you can search for any diagnosis or ICD-10 code. The ICD-10 code list was previously restricted based on what Condition you selected (we know – really frustrating!)
  • Don’t have time to update the encounter today? No problem! You can now backdate a goal date within an encounter.


 Bug Fixes
  • Some clients were encountering issues when entering phone numbers that contained a space in the OnDemand screen. This has been addressed.