Patient Engagement Center

  • Good news! We are now including the RX #s as well as the time a call was connected on the exported report from the Connections.
  • You will also now be able to delete numbers from the Fax Opt Out Management page. This will help you keep all your communications as up to date as possible.

Patient Profile

  • No more counting! If you type a lot of patient notes, you may have noticed that they max out after several thousand characters. There has always been a limit of 4,000 characters for patient notes, but we are now adding a character count! This will count down as you type to let you know how many more characters you can add (illustrated below).

  • If you learn that a patient has passed away, we recommend updating that information within their patient profile. If a patient is ever marked as deceased, this automatically prevents them from receiving any communications from your pharmacy. Now, we will visually display this block within the patient profile. Once a patient is marked as deceased, you will see all communication toggles switch to OFF to assure you that there will not be any messages sent out.
Bug Fixes
  • OnDemand calls that were generated from patient lists were not displaying within the communication history on the patient profile. This has been addressed.


  • Certain users were not seeing previews of URLs when creating posts. This has been addressed.
  • Some users are unable to see more than the first 50 images when creating a post or template. This has been addressed.
  • Some users have been unable to link Twitter accounts. This has been addressed.


  • Certain users were encountering issues copying and pasting phone numbers into the OnDemand screen, particularly from an excel sheet or word doc. This has been addressed for PC users.