Communication Updates

Improved patient reach! We’ve updated the criteria for all refill reminder campaigns to include medications with 0 (zero) refills remaining. Previously, medications needed at least 1 refill in order to trigger a refill reminder campaign. This is to help your pharmacy be more proactive about helping patients get new prescriptions for their maintenance medications!

Why was a patient not sent a campaign? When sending out an OnDemand campaign, you will now see a list of scrubbed patients after entering the patient contact list. This list will also display the reason that the patient is being scrubbed from that outreach (illustrated below).

Even more communication customization! Patients can now un-enroll from pharma campaigns (such as the diabetes adherence text message programs) without affecting their PharmacyGrowth communication preferences. Patients will now be able to respond with “U” to un-enroll specifically from the pharma program, and their standard PrescribeWellness text campaigns will not be affected.

To call or not to call? Now when you set up a multi-day One Time Campaign (OTC), patients will be re-evaluated each day to see if they are eligible to receive the campaign.  Previously our system would only verify patient eligibility on the first day of the OTC, meaning that some patients would receive a campaign that they did not need, or vice versa. This will help your pharmacy to ensure you are always targeting the proper patient group for your communications.

VaccineComplete Updates

Testing 1, 2, 3! You can now edit the vaccine records that are in Testing status. This will allow you to update details for vaccines in the Testing status in order to send better data to the State IIS.

Good news! VaccineComplete will now again display the status Pending Administration in order for more accurate status visibility.

Bug Fixes

Patients who are replying U to un-enroll from the Basaglar program were not being opted out. This has been addressed.

Patients were being incorrectly marked Declined for Shingrix opportunities when they were only supposed to be Declined for med sync. This has been addressed.

Some users were unable to remove or add patient groups in patient profiles. This has been addressed.