VaccineComplete Updates

Editing capabilities! You now have the ability to edit more fields when administering or editing a vaccine in VaccineComplete. This will help to ensure the records are accepted by your local registry.

You can edit the following information:

  • Patient first name
  • Patient last name
  • Patient DOB
  • Patient gender
  • Patient street address
  • Patient city
  • Patient state
  • Patient zip code
  • Patient phone number

Flu Season Updates! The Vaccinated tab within VaccineComplete will now display only patients who are vaccinated for the current flu season. This list will reset at the start of every flu season, on August 1st each year.

Communication Updates

Users will now be able to fax any provider having an NPI, not just physicians. For example, users can now fax optometrists. This will allow for better inter-communication with a patients health team.