• Basaglar is the newest medication to join our our Diabetic messaging program. You can read more about this program here!


  • New feature alert! You will now be able to create your own customized On-Demand text messages. You can create, save, and send OnDemand text messages using the +Create New SMS button (illustrated below). See the steps below to learn how! 
  • To create and send a customized OnDemand SMS Campaign, follow these steps:
  • On the Growth page, select the patients that you would like to send the SMS Campaign to.
  • Use the Actions button to select OnDemand.
  • Click on Create a new SMS.
  • Title the campaign and enter the text you would like to send. If you would like to send the message in multiple languages you can do so using the Add Language button (Please note that this is not an automated translation, you will have to translate the messages yourself.).
  • Click Create. This will add the new Campaign to your list.
  • Choose the time and date that you would like for the campaign to be sent, then click Select next to the name of the newly created campaign.
  • You will be able to preview the message. After confirming that the information is correct, click Send. 
  • *Please review the best practices for sending out text communications here. 


  • Bug: Previously, if you selected the “4+/4+” rating filter within PrescribeMedicare, plans without a 4+/4+ rating would appear. This has been addressed. 

  • Bug: Not all patient reported medications were transferring over from the patient profile to PrescribeMedicare. This has been addressed.

Patient Profile

  • Bug: For some pharmacies, time zones within the Communications section of the patient profile were displaying improperly. This has been addressed.


  • Bug: Some age calculations were wrong within the VC pre-screening form. This has been addressed. 


  • You can now select the date of service for an encounter! You can select any past date for the date that the encounter was performed. 
  • You can now enter an ICD-10 code without first having to select a condition. This will make it easier to use PrescribeCare overall, and save you time and clicks while completing encounters! 


  • Tags on PharmacyReach will now be called Labels.
  • You can now perform more actions with deleted photos in PharmacyReach, such as the ability to recover deleted photos and permanently delete photos. 
  • Bug: A yellow banner that asks you to connect a social media page is still displaying even after a social network has been added. This has been addressed.