1. ReSync

This new tab is located on the StarWellness screen (illustrated below). ReSync lists all patients that qualify to be resynced:

  • enrolled patients with an active maintenance medication not included in the sync
  • enrolled patients with an included medication that is filled +/- 5 days off from the other included medications (after 2 sync cycles have completed)

2. Medication list

When enrolling a patient in Med Sync, the medications are now sorted by:

  1. Active
  2. Maintenance
  3. Highest billing total
  4. Highest copay
  5. Furthest out next fill date

3. Specialty medications

Specialty medications were previously indicated on the medication list by a separate column. Now, specialty medications are indicated by a “specialty” tag under the medication’s Rx number.

4. Fill dates and short fills

The medication list now has columns for LAST FILL and NEXT FILL with days’ supply and quantity. With this enhancement, you can modify the short fill date, days’ supply, and quantity (illustrated below).

Note: The NEXT FILL date and quantity reflect the short fill for that medication.

5. Edit short fill

Click on the pencil icon to view the Edit Short Fill window (illustrated below). You can modify the next fill date, days’ supply, or quantity. NOTE: MODIFYING SHORT FILL INFORMATION CANNOT BE UNDONE.

6. Short fill column

The SHORT FILL column uses “Y” to indicate that Yes, a short fill is needed for this medication (illustrated below).

7. Calendar events

On Calendar Events, the patient medication list also has the ability to edit next fill date, days’ supply, and quantity (illustrated below). NOTE: If you change the next fill date for a short fill, a new calendar event is created for the new date, but the original short fill calendar event will not automatically disappear.

8. “Fill medications” toggle

The “Fill Medications” feature on calendar events is temporarily unavailable. You currently see this toggle as Filled/Unfilled (StarWellness) or Send/Sent(StarWellness+). This feature is temporarily unavailable in preparation for enhanced push-to-queue functionality, coming very soon.

9. Other calendar event updates

The M (maintenance) and S (synced) columns have been updated to Y/N for yes/no, rather than using a checkmark. In addition, the “active” and “over the counter medication” columns have been removed.

10. Patient printout

From the StarWellness screen and relevant calendar events, you can print a patient report. Click on the arrow next to a patient’s name and select Print Profile from the drop-down menu (below).