Patient Engagement Center

Update: Plans displayed within the Plan tab on the Filter window will now have BIN, PCN, and Group ID listed to help avoid confusion.

Update: The patient’s name is now included when exporting the list from the Scheduled tab.

Update: You are now able to perform a “Contains” search on the lists. (example, Contains: “Smith”)

Update: When cancelling a call on the Scheduled page, you will no longer be take back to the top of the page.

Update: You can now select the template that you want to fax to a physician when faxing for medications (illustrated below).

Bug Fix: When changing a patient’s gender in the patient profile, changes would not save. This has been addressed.

Bug Fix: Users without PharmacyGrowth were seeing birthdays displayed incorrectly on the Missed Connections tab. This has been addressed.


Update: There will now be a Your Images tab which will filter only the images that you have uploaded (illustrated below).

Update: You are now able to sort images by upload date and time.

Update: Updating the look and the Create or Edit Post modal

Update: Users can now filter images in Create Post modal

Bug Fix: After editing a post, edits were not saving, this has been addressed.


Other bug fixes and improvements.