You will notice there is a new button on the patient’s page in PrescribeCare titled Add Health Screening. This is a new type of encounter that allows you to quickly start a health screening without having to fill out an extensive number of fields (illustrated below).

By clicking on this button, you will be prompted to choose a section to start the encounter (illustrated below).

The drop­down options are Vitals, Labs, Social, Allergies, Medical History. By clicking on any of these options you will land on the related section.


You will now be able to select which medications you would like imported into the encounter. When you click on the Medications tab, you will not see any medications listed. You will see the Import Medications button. To bring medications into the list, click on Import Medications and select the medications you would like to import into the encounter (illustrated below). 


Not only have we updated the patient printout, but we have also added a printout for the providers (illustrated below).


Minor bug fixes and improvements