Does your pharmacy offer hormonal contraception prescriptions? We have added a new template that handles screening for hormonal contraception! This will be available to all pharmacies, although prescribing authority is only available in certain states. Additionally, there are new patient and provider printouts to support this new template

Easier vaccine searching! You can now search vaccines by brand name in the Vaccine tab of the patient profile. Currently, we display the results as the vaccine short description + brand name (Example: “Zoster Live, [Zostavax]“), but were unable to search by the brand name.  This makes it easier for you to search for the vaccine you want.

Additionally, we’ve updated the search results in VaccineComplete to include both Shingrix and Zostavax. Previously, when you attempted to search for vaccine and type “Shingles” we only return 1 result, Zostavax.

Consistency is key! Currently, communication preferences are reset when a patient resyncs. This will ensure that patients are receiving the communications that they want, and that you won’t have to repeat previous work completed.

New campaigns! We are now offering Interactive Refill Reminder (IRR) campaigns on compounding medications. Compounding IRRs can be set up with the standard version, as well as a proactive version.

Bug Fixes  

Some users are seeing vaccine records listed as Pending that should be listed as Accepted. This has been addressed.

Certain users were seeing an error message in the patient profile (Error: Cannot read property ‘toString’ of null). This has been addressed.

The Delete and Block menu options are only partially visible in the Message Center, as the drop-down menu was being cut-off. This has been addressed.

Some users are unable to either Print Selected or Print All from the Fax tab and Patient Messages tabs and blocked tab of the Message Center. This has been addressed.

Some users are experiencing an issue when attempting to edit or delete Med Time Reminders. Users are seeing an error message and the screen is taking a long time to load. This has been addressed.

Some users were experiencing an issue with their Message Center notifications. When selecting the notification option as Immediate, the user does not receive a notification when a message is sent to Message Center. This has been addressed.