Patient Engagement Center


The “Drill Into Population Toggle” within the Active Patients tab will now default to “On.” (see illustration below)

Bugs being addressed:

Users without PharmacyGrowth have “0” displaying under the Active and Maintenance columns for all patients within the Missed Refills area of the Connections page. This has been addressed.

For users without PharmacyGrowth, the number of results returned will change when altering the number of results per page. This has been addressed.

Patient reported medications field was not returning more than 10 results when typing in medication name (if more than 10 truly existed). This has been addressed.


Bugs being addressed:

Patient lists were sorting capitalized and lowercased names separately. This has been addressed.



You are now able to add, edit, or remove medications without having to perform a re-sync.



Some plans within the dropdown menus have a “-“ for the name. You will be prompted to update the plan name if this is the case.

You can now use a keyboard shortcut in any dropdown menu. Youcan use the first letter of the name to jump to that option, rather than having to scroll through the entire list and manually select.


Bugs being addressed:

Days Supply (DS) quantities that were being edited were not always saving. This has been addressed.


Other bug fixes and minor improvements.