We’ve added a new question to the Health Screening Template on the Assessment tab in PrescribeCare:

What type of training did you provide on the device or drug?”

The drop-down options to answer this question will be either Initial or Follow-up.

You can now save encounter author information within PrescribeCare. Currently, that information does not save across all patients (only for the patient for which the encounter was conducted). Now, after you log and save an encounter with any patient, the information entered under Encounter Author will be available to select from a drop-down menu for future encounters. This will help save some time when logging future encounters. (illustrated below)

Medication names will now be included on the What We Talked About section the CMS MTM printout in PrescribeCare. Currently, that section only lists the MTP, but not the medication that the MTP is associated with, which can be confusing for you and your patients.

PrescribeCare will now display the Time Spent options in 5 minute increments. This will help your pharmacy to send encounter information to different entities that require smaller time increments.

The character limits for Progress Notes and Patient Action Plans has been increased to 4,000 characters. The previous limit was 2,000.

Bug Fixes

Some users’ Message Center is displaying unread messages however no unread messages are present in the Message Center. This has been addressed. 

Users were experiencing an issue where the No Call List (NCL) was not saving new additions to a list using RX#. This has been addressed.

Content listed in the drop-down menu of the Decline a Program window was being cut off. This has been addressed.

When some users attempt to download a CCD file for an encounter from a patient’s profile they are receiving a 500 error. This has been addressed.

Some accounts are not seeing their pharmacy address listed on the CMS MTM printout. This has been addressed.

When some users attempted to cancel a Clinical Refill Reminder, the campaign still attempts to send multiple days in a row. This has been addressed.

Some users were experiencing an issue where they attempt to cancel campaigns in the PEC and calls are still being sent to the patients. This has been addressed.

Some pharmacies were experiencing an issue where a “Refill” response to an IRR campaign was not processed. This has been addressed.