Patient Engagement Center (PEC)

  • Users who do not have PharmacyGrowth are now able to export the Missed Opportunities list off of your PEC
  • There will now be a Sort option available on the Scheduled and In-progress tabs within the Connections page
  • You are now able to apply a secondary sort option to your PEC. For instance, you could choose to first sort by date, and then by last name.
  • The “Add Patient” window has been updated (illustrated below)

  • You are now able to edit multiple fields in a patent profile at once. To do so, click on the tiny arrow next to the patient name and click on Edit Patient Profile (illustrated below). Once you’ve selected that option, a window will appear allowing you to edit multiple fields.


  • You are now able to filter within your Drafts or Templates tab. Previously this has only been available within the Campaigns tab.


  • Shingrix is now available as on option for an administered vaccine (illustrated below).


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements