Patient Communications Updates

Auto-response texts will no longer be generated if you, the user, responds during an interactive dialog.

PrescribeCare Updates

You will now see a warning message when adding duplicate goals with the same target date.

You will now be able to print Patient Events. To do so, click the Actions button and select Patient Print from the drop-down menu.

Vaccinations Updates

You can now edit vaccine details directly from the IIS Pending tab of the VaccineComplete patient list. To do so, click on the name/title of the vaccine record within the IIS Pending tab in VaccineComplete.

Bug Fixes

There is improper data populating on the Disease page. This has been addressed.

The PharmacyId filter was missing from the Any Prescribing Physician filter on the Plan tab. This has been addressed.     

The Shingrix Dose 2 filter was not excluding patients who already received their second dose. This has been addressed             

The PrescribeCare page goes blank after applying Next fill date and Last fill date filters in the PrescribeCare patient list.

Users are experiencing an issue in the PrescribeCare patient list when applying the In Between the filter for Any RDC. The chicklet is not showing correct values input. This has been addressed.        

Users are experiencing an issue with new SMS custom made on demands that not going into the SMS campaigns area in OD. They are showing up in multichannel and email campaigns without having a voice channel recording assigned to them. This has been addressed.

Recent Medications are not carrying over into the PrescribeMedicare plans. This has been addressed.

Users are experiencing an issue where the page goes blank after selecting Print from PCare Patient List With Encounters tab. This has been addressed.