Medicare Plan Reviews

Medicare Plan Reviews printout will now display a dollar amount (i.e.$0) instead of a dash (“-“) if there is no copay.  

We will now display the “Total Cost of Drug” value in the copay field for not on formulary drugs in PrescribeMedicare and the related printouts.


Patients who declined vaccination will now be shown in the Declined tab instead of the Not Vaccinated tab.

There is now a tab on Vaccinations that shows me the records that are pending administration. Presently, we do not send vaccine records to STC or SMP that are “unmatched”. This means that if you dispense a vaccine but you fail to come into VaccineComplete to add the other required fields via the “administer”, then we will never consider this a matched record and will not send it to STC/SMP to go to the State IIS. This will provide users with better visibility to know which records have not yet been sent.

eCare Plans

For eCare Plans we have updated our data tables with the 2019 SNOMED PHIT codes. This will reflect in the MTPs, Interventions and Encounter Reasons.

Bug Fixes

Patient names are not loading when attempting to add events to the Custom Calendar. This has been addressed.

Users are not able to click on the drop-down arrow to edit the patient profile if a patient’s name is too long. This has been addressed.

Currently, in the Filter modal under Plans, there is a blank option. This has been addressed.

Some users are unable to search in the Allergies tab for all allergies. This has been addressed.

Users are unable to add medications to eCare plans using the Add drugs search field. This has been addressed.

Users are receiving an error when trying to ‘download CCD’ on Re-completed eCare plan. This has been addressed.

The PrescribeCare Patient List Printout should is not displaying all encounters. This has been addressed.

There is a bug where some immunization records are falsely reporting an invalid expiration date. This has been addressed.

Some OnDemand Completed campaigns are not showing in the Patient Profile under communications. This has been addressed.

Some users are unable to click on a patient’s name from the Communications page in PEC for OnDemand Voice. This has been addressed.

Patients’ names are not loading when trying to create/send a message from the Message Center. This has been addressed.