General Updates

Bigger, better lists! The StarWellness patient list and the VaccineComplete patient list will now display 50 results when filtering by Any Program.


Clearer communication is here! The auto-response text messages sent to patients for Interactive Refill Reminder campaigns has been updated! Originally, if a patient responded with a text other than “REFILL”, the auto-generated response was “Did not recognize your entry. Please try again or call pharmacy @ XXXXXXXXX”. We have now updated the messaging to say “Sorry. Did not recognize your entry. Please reply “REFILL” or call pharmacy @ XXXXXXXXXX.” This is in order to help eliminate patient confusion, as the original message was not explicit that they need to respond with “REFILL” for the request to be completed

Bug Fixes & Other Issues

The Show Medications button was not displaying for compounding medications on the Connections page. This has been addressed.

Some patients were still receiving Med Time Reminders whose toggle was set to “off.” This has been addressed.

When users click Show Medications on the Connections page, Compounding medication campaigns were not displaying any medications. This has been addressed.

The same Rx numbers were displaying across multiple patients on the Connections page for refill reminder campaigns that are related to compounding medications. This has been addressed.