Patient Engagement Center Updates

You can now manually update the cache for patient lists! To do so, click the refresh icon at the top of each patient list (illustrated below).

PrescribeCare Updates

We have set the default “Encounter Reason” for Hormonal Contraception templates to be “Consultation (procedure) SNOMED 11429006.”

Bug Fixes

Users have been unable to filter for BCBSAL Patients or SUPD Patients within the PrescribeCare landing page. This has been addressed.

IE11 users are unable to load the PrescribeCare patient list. This has been addressed.

If a user has made updates in the Overview tab of the patient profile, the updates do not appear until the page is refreshed. This has been addressed.

After adding a patient note and re-opening the notes modal to add additional information, the notes section does not show what you previously entered and anything you add will overwrite anything that was previously written. This has been addressed.

When users are trying to add or edit the PCP from the patient profile they see a red toaster message ‘Patient not identified’. This has been addressed.