You will notice quite a few seemingly big changes to the PrescribeWellness Patient Engagement Center (PEC) after logging in! Although these changes may seem extreme, the same functionality that you are familiar with remains. This update is designed to help your pharmacy work more efficiently within your PEC, saving you time, and helping you find actionable data.

Below you will find all the details to help you navigate this change smoothly.


How do I navigate around my new PEC?

Use the left hand navigation menu to navigate between different pages.

Where is the Campaigns Graph that I used to see when I logged in?

Fear not! The campaigns graph still exists. This will be hosted within the connections page, and will be the first thing you see when you log in. To navigate back to the communications graph, click on CONNECTIONS in the left hand menu, and click on the Completed tab.

Where are the Quality Metrics (Star Ratings) located?

Your Quality Metrics with their associated Star Ratings can be found within the Active Patients page along the left hand side of the screen. These retain the same clicking functionality as before.

Why do my other product pages look a little different?

To remain consistent, all product landing pages (the tabs along the top) will now have similar patient lists. The Filters button will be available on the top right hand corner of every page, and the list will now take the entire screen width, in order to allow for more information to be displayed.

Please read below for the full release notes.

Patient Engagement Center (PEC)

Your pharmacy’s account information will now be listed in the blue bar at the top of your screen (illustrated below).

When you log in to your PEC you will first see your Connections page, with the completed calls being listed below the Campaigns Graph. This is the same information that would previously have been under the Call History Graph on the old PEC. The Campaigns Table, below the graph, is divided into three tabs: Scheduled, In Progress, and Completed (illustrated below).

The Scheduled tab will show you all calls scheduled to go out for that day. You can review these call each morning. To cancel any calls, use the orange X icon on the right hand side.

The In Progress tab will show any calls currently being dialed out to patients.

The Completed tab will show any campaigns that have been sent to patients. This will be the page you first see when you log into your PEC. Within the Completed tab you will see your successful calls to patients, as well as any not connected calls.

There are 5 columns on the Campaigns Table: Connect Date, Campaign, Patient/Phone, Connection/Status, and Type.

  • Connect Date will list which date that the campaign was sent
  • Campaign will list the title of the campaign. You can click on the title to listen to, or read, the campaign that was sent to the patient (illustrated below).

  • Patient/Phone will list the patient name, as well as the phone number that the campaign was sent to.
  • Connection/Status will list two pieces of information. The first is the type of connection, whether it is Recurring or OnDemand. The second piece of information is the status, which will list whether the call was Human Answered, Machine Answered, Delivered (for text messages) or Not Connected.
  • Channel will list whether the campaign was a Voice or SMS

Your new PEC offers improved filtering capabilities. The Filters button can be found in the upper right hand corner or each of the pages. You have 5 main categories when filtering. You can filter by Demographics, Medications, Plan, Connections, or choose to Exclude user from a filter (illustrated below).

A new Search Patient filter is now available at the top of your Campaign Table (illustrated below). This allows you to search through your completed calls more easily, to determine why a patient was called. You can search for a Campaign record by either patient name or phone number. This feature is extremely useful when patients call back in to inquire for more information about calls they had received.

Once you locate a call record, you can use the Show Medications option below the title of the call record, to determine what medications (if any) the call was in relation to.

To export or print any information on any of these pages, use the new Actions tab.  A drop-down menu will appear and allow you to either print or export the desired patient list (illustrated below).

You will have a new left hand navigation menu. This will allow you to navigate through your patient demographic Pages.

The five new pages are Connections (detailed above), Active Patients, Drugs, Physicians, and, Diseases. 

The Active Patients tab will list all active patients currently filling at your pharmacy.

You will find your pharmacy’s Quality Metrics listed along the left hand side of this page (illustrated below). You can click on any section of each adherence ring (represented in varying shades of blue), to find the patients associated with each range of adherence.

This page has a new Drill Into Population toggle. Use this toggle to apply multiple filters from the adherence rings at once (illustrated below).

For example, if you would like to see patients who are 70-80% adherent to their cholesterol medications, who are also 70-80% adherent to their diabetic medications, you can use this toggle. First, click on the toggle to activate. Second, click on the dark blue section of the diabetes ring (representing those patients 70-80% adherent to their diabetes medications). Next, click on the dark blue portion of the hypertension adherence ring. The patient list populated on the right hand side of the screen will show you the correlating patients within these filters.

If you would like to apply custom filters to your Active Patient list, use the orange filter button at the top right hand side of the screen. Select the filters you would like to apply, then click Apply.

You can also quickly filter by plan types using the Any Plan Type drop down menu (illustrated below). This is a short-cut filter option. The same filter exists within the orange Filters button, but this option will allow you to bypass multiple clicks, and filter by plan types more simply.

You can sort any patient list using the Add Sorting option at the top of the screen.

Your patient list will display important information. The Active Patient list is wider than in the previous PEC, allowing for more important information to be displayed at once.

Within the Drugs, Physicians, and Diseases pages, you will find the top results for each of those categories.

Each page will have an orange bubble graph. You can hover your cursor (mouse) over the orange bubbles to display more information (illustrated below). If you would like to filter the list below, click on the orange bubble.

StarWellness | VaccineComplete | PharmacyGrowth

Your patient landing pages for StarWellness, VaccineComplete, and PharmacyGrowth have been updated. The new landing page is now a full-width patient list, which will provide you more information up front (Illustrated below). We have added RDC (Refill Days Covered) percentages for each category: overall maintenance medications, diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. You are also now able to see the billed total for each patient.

The filters are now available in the orange Filters button in the upper right hand corner. Click on this button to apply one or more filters to the list below.

Use the Actions button in the upper left hand to send an OnDemand call. On VaccineComplete and PharmacyGrowth you can also use the Actions button to print the patient list. PharmacyGrowth also allows for you to export the patient list.


PrescribeMedicare also has a new patient landing page. You will have the same information in the patient landing pages listed above, and also have the patient’s plan ratings listed (illustrated below).

The filters are also now housed within the orange Filters button. Click on the Filters button to filter the below patient list with your chosen filters.


PrescribeCare also has a new patient landing page. You will have the same information in the patient landing pages listed above, and also have the patient’s encounters listed (illustrated below). Click on Show Encounters to view more information.


The filters are also now housed within the orange Filters button. Click on the Filters button to filter the below patient list with your chosen filters.

You are now able to search by ICD-10 codes, or by disease name within the Medical Condition portion of the patient profile.

Within each encounter, users are now able to add multiple insurance plans.


Pages listing templates, drafts, images, and campaigns will now default to listing 10 items per page. Users can select to view 10, 25, or 50 items per page.

Users can now delete photos that they have uploaded. To do so, first click on the photo you would like to delete. Once the photo is highlighted, you will see an orange X in the top right hand corner or the image. Click on the X. The system will ask you to confirm that you would like to delete the photo. Click on Delete to delete the photo, or Cancel to save the photo (illustrated below).

The Social Calendar has a new Reviews tab. This will display any reviews left on your pharmacy’s Facebook page! See how patients are rating your pharmacy and what they are saying!