Patient Engagement Center (PEC)

We help you keep track! With all of our new programs, it can sometimes be hard to track which patients you have already spoken to about these opportunities. We’ve made it easier. If a patient is identified as eligible for a program, you can now mark that a patient has declined to enroll in a program within their patient profile!  Just go to the Programs tab on the patient profile and follow the below steps:

  • Any program that the patient is eligible for will be labeled OPEN under the Status column.
  • Click the + button to the left of the program name to expand that section.
  • Click Action on the right hand side. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click Decline. A window will appear.
  • Select the reason for declining from the drop-down menu. Add any necessary notes.
  • When you have finished, click Done. The patient profile will update.

Better, Faster, Stronger! Patient communication preferences are now updated faster than before. If a patient replies “STOP” to pharmacy text messages (meaning that they would no longer like to receive text messages) that information will immediately reflect in the patient profile. This information will be noted next to the patient’s phone number at the top of their profile.


Some users were experiencing an issue when attempting to edit vaccines within VaccineComplete. This has been addressed.

The patient’s fax history was not displaying within certain patient profiles. This has been addressed.

Some users were experiencing an error when trying to send OnDemand campaigns from within the patient profile. This has been addressed.