Better reporting! We have updated the calculations of the Quality Metrics on the PEC to weight the adherence measures at 3 and the safety measure at 1. This means that adherence measures will carry more “weight” than safety measures when calculating your pharmacy’s overall Quality Metrics. This will help the PEC Quality Metrics to better reflect the CMS Star Ratings overall.

Updates to Patient Printouts! There will now be more information included on the CMS MTM printout in PrescribeCare. Under the “What we talked about” section, information from Goal Descriptions will be included. Additionally, the section titled “What I Need To Do” will include information entered into the “Goal Notes” area. This will help your patient to be better equipped with information when leaving the pharmacy.

More language capabilities! We have added Spanish Text templates for the following Text Message campaigns:

·      Patient Consent

·      Interactive Refill Reminder

·      Proactive Interactive Refill Reminder

·      Clinical Refill Reminder

·      Will Call Bin Management

Bug Fixes

Some users were experiencing an issue where text messages sent in response to IRR campaigns were not received or displayed in their Message Center. This has been addressed.

Users were receiving an error message when attempting to click on Care Campaigns within the patient profile. This has been addressed.

Users who have IRR Campaigns set up with a non-RxAPI DSP were not receiving the alert to fill patient’s medications that had requested them. This has been addressed.

Many links on the PrescribeMedicare plan page were not working properly. This has been addressed.

(Please Note: The team is aware that there is a similar issue for plan review emails – the fix for emails has not yet been implemented but will be coming soon)

Some users were experiencing an issue where Care Campaign messages were displaying as blank within the PEC. This has been addressed.

Some users were seeing an IIS Status of “Error” on the VaccineComplete tab within the patient profile. This has been addressed.