We’ve updated our patient search capabilities! You can now search for patients using multiple fields, and see improved results. Check out the video above to learn more.

PrescribeCare Updates

Dates are important! We have updated the CMS letter and changed the Date Prepared to be the date that the encounter was completed. This will help us to help you better support any CMS audits!

Michigan Medicaid Program: Template Updates! We’ve made a few updates to the MI MTM eCare Template. We wanted to create a better user experience for you AND help make sure you’re submitting all the required information. Here’s what we did:

  • We removed some required fields from the Insurance tab. Now the only required fields under the Insurance tab will be Plan name, Plan type, Member ID, and Plan order.
  • We updated the order of the MI MTM eCare Template tabs to improve the user experience.
  • We have made the Notes tab. This will ensure proper documentation for audit purposes.
  • When users add a manual insurance, the Plan Type will now default to Medicaid.

Bug Fixes

Some users are seeing that their vaccine status is listed as State IIS Validating (Pending) on VaccineComplete. This has been addressed.

Patients with Spanish as preferred language are receiving English Interactive Refill Reminder texts. This has been addressed.

Some patients marked as Deceased still received the As Needed Text Consent. This has been addressed.

Certain users were unable to send OnDemands from within the patient profile because the system was saying the patient was excluded. This has been addressed.

Some users received an error when sending an OnDemand from PharmacyNow. This has been addressed.