What is an MSO?

MSO stands for Managed Services Organization. MSOs provide management and administrative services to organizations, such as your pharmacy.

What does PrescribeCare MSO provide?

PrescribeCare MSO leverages the PrescribeWellness network of community pharmacies to deliver enhanced patient care services. PrescribeCare MSO works with health plans, Medicaid programs, and other payers to bring new revenue opportunities to enrolled pharmacies.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Free! As long as your pharmacy is a current PrescribeWellness client.

Which programs can my pharmacy participate in?

Certain programs within the PrescribeCare MSO have varying requirements, such as pharmacy location. When a pharmacy is eligible to participate in a program, PrescribeWellness will reach out via email and phone to inform the pharmacy of the new program.

Can my pharmacy participate in multiple programs at once?

Yes, given that you meet the program requirements.

Can my pharmacy enroll in these programs without being enrolled in PrescribeCare MSO?

No, in order to be considered for each program, your pharmacy must first be a member of the MSO.

How can I find out what programs are available?

Active programs will be listed on PrescribeWellness University. Our team will reach out to you if you are eligible to participate in specific programs.

What are some examples of these types of programs?

  • Health plan/payer:
    • Highmark – PrescribeWellness pharmacies were paid for improving adherence measures for Highmark patients.
    • BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama – PrescribeWellness pharmacies were paid for improving medication adherence using our PrescribeCare tool to complete patient encounters.

How do I enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling in PrescribeCare MSO, please reach out to the PrescribeWellness Client Support team at 800-960-8147

What is the relationship between PrescribeWellness and PrescribeCare MSO?

PrescribeWellness created PrescribeCare MSO to deliver enhanced patient care services to PrescribeWellness pharmacies. PrescribeCare MSO is the administrative arm of PrescribeWellness that will be securing new revenue opportunities.