Spotlight Campaign:
Open Enrollment

If you watched the video above, then you know Open Enrollment is right around the corner. If you didn’t, guess what – Open Enrollment is right around the corner!!! Sorry for the excitement, but Open Enrollment is a really big deal for community pharmacies. Why? Well, it’s not only an opportunity to keep your existing medicare-eligible patients, but it’s also the perfect time to attract new ones! And here’s even better news: WE want to help YOU take advantage of it!

It probably comes at no surprise that many of your patients may not understand the various plan options they have – especially those that are newly eligible for Medicare coverage. That is precisely why we designed two of our solutions, PharmacyGrowth and PrescribeMedicare, to help you do just that. With PharmacyGrowth, you can communicate important plan selection information to your patients with the simple click of a button. All you need to do is record the campaign and send it out. Seriously… it’s that easy! Take a quick peek here.

Additionally, with PrescribeMedicare, you can perform a quick plan review that can help you compare various plans that your medicare eligible patients. Variables like out-of-pocket costs and coverage can be all be addressed with a  side-by-side comparison to help your patient pick the best plan for their needs, and one that lets them keep coming to their favorite pharmacy – yours. We’ll even teach you how to talk to your patients about plan reviews in person. It’s easier than ever!

In case you’re not exactly sure how to use PrescribeMedicare, don’t worry! Just click here to watch a quick instructional video that is sure to turn you into a PrescribeMedicare whiz in no time.

In Case You Missed it


The opioid epidemic is a serious national issue that deserves all of our attention. We at PrescribeWellness believe pharmacists – as the country’s most accessible healthcare providers – are uniquely positioned to help turn the tide on opioid abuse, and so we have joined the fight by launching PharamcyUnited program. If you feel as strongly about counteracting opioid abuse as we do, click here to learn more and join the fight – we’d love to have you!

Introducing VRxAssist

We’re excited to introduce our newest product, VRxAssist! Our highly-trained virtual team will act an extension of your practice, assisting you in enrolling patients in your Med Sync program, identifying and conducting Medicare plan reviews and so much more. Get highly-qualified clinical, operational and marketing support for less than the cost of hiring one employee! Want to learn more about VRxAssist, watch here.

Communication Enhancements

We are always developing new features to help make communicating with your patients better. MedTime reminders and 2-way texting are our latest and greatest, so make sure you check them out here.