Getting Started

Daily Patient Management

  • Log in to the PrescribeWellness Patient Engagement Center each day
    • Select Custom Calendar and review Today’s Events. Events can be from PrescribeWellness or created by someone in your pharmacy.
    • Select Message Center and send Patient Messages
    • Send an OnDemand Will Call Bin message to those patients who have medications ready for pick up
    • If you have PharmacyGrowth, we’ve set up Proactive Refill Reminder text message campaigns directly to your patients!

Weekly Patient Management

  • Review your BCBSAL patients and focus on patients who are less than 80% adherent
    • Review medication history for non-adherent patients
    • Create a tailored action plan for these patients, such as:
  • Set up an appointment to discuss their current medication adherence patterns and potential issues the patient is experiencing
  • Turn on Med Time Reminders/Care Campaigns
  • Set up Med Sync and align your patient’s medications to one pickup date
  • Discuss the need for auto-refills, depending on your PMS
  • Offer to contact the physician to receive approval to fill a 90-day supply
  • Fax the MD directly from the patient profile for medications with zero refills

Monthly Patient Management

  • Review the training video to make sure you are properly managing your patients.
  • Contact PrescribeWellness for additional training, if needed.
  • Take advantage of remote service offerings that will automate these processes, such as:
    • VRxAssist
    • PharmacyGrowth