Use this poster to promote your blood drive!

Save Lives, Engage Your Community, Increase Customer Loyalty, and Drive Traffic & Revenue

Saving lives. There are few things in life more rewarding. And that’s what you’ll be doing when you host a blood drive at your
pharmacy. When you bring your customers and community together to give blood, it’s a partnership that saves lives and serves
your business well.
And, we’ve made it easy. Below you’ll find all the resources you need to host a successful blood drive. With help from the American
Red Cross (ARC) and PrescribeWellness, you’ll be driving blood donations as well as traffic and revenue for your pharmacy.

Facts About Blood Needs

  • Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.
  • More than 44,000 blood donations are needed every day.
  • The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 pints.
  • The blood type most often requested by hospitals is Type 0.
  • More than 1 million new people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Many need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment.
  • A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.
  • Blood shortages can happen anytime. In Summer 2012, the ARC gave notice that deliveries of blood were outpacing donations.
  • The bottom line: Blood donations are always in great need.

Facts About the Blood Supply

  • Number of blood donations collected in the U.S. each year: 16 million (2006).
  • Number of blood donors in the U.S. each year: 9.5 million (2006)
  • Number of patients who receive blood each year: 5 million (2006).
  • Share of the U.S. population eligible to give blood: Less than 38 percent.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured. It can only come from generous donors.

Why Host a Blood Drive?

  • Communities across the U.S. need blood donations to continue saving lives.
  • Show your pharmacy’s commitment to giving back to your community.
  • Bring your customers, friends and employees together in a feel-good way that gets them energized around a great cause.
  • Keep your business top-of-mind as a preferred pharmacy-one that people associate with giving back and doing good.
  • Patients in your community and across the nation will receive the gift of life through your generosity.

How Your Business Will Benefit

  • Giving back is good business: Being socially conscious by investing in a vital effort to save lives will benefit your pharmacy in a myriad of bottom-line building ways. Increasing customer loyalty, building goodwill, making new connections (read: customers!) and retaining/attracting the best employees make giving back both profitable and personally rewarding.
  • Get to know your customers: As they come in to give blood, you’ll have a great opportunity to engage with them and build your customer relationships. Use this time to show genuine concern for their well-being-ask how they’re doing, thank them for participating, and inquire about how your pharmacy can better serve them.
  • Market at a prime purchasing time: By leveraging the event’s “feel good” mission, your embedded advertising/marketing messages will be sent when customers are more likely to respond to them. So, when encouraging customers to stop by for a blood donation, you’ll also want to let them know about special promotions, discounts and deals they won’t want to miss.
  • Drive traffic and revenue: At the end of the day, hosting a blood drive will help get more people in your pharmacy-and that means more people picking up all of the products, potions, and prescriptions they can find at your pharmacy.

How Your Blood Drive Will Work

What You’ll Do:
  • Host the drive at your pharmacy and schedule blood donors for their appointments.
  • Help recruit blood donors by promoting the drive with a multi-channel marketing campaign.
  • Schedule blood donors for their appointments.
What the American Red Cross Will Do:
  • Works with you every step of the way to plan and organize the blood drive.
  • Helps you determine how many donors to expect and assists with recruiting them.
  • Brings equipment and supplies, sets everything up and takes it down afterward.
  • Collects the donations safely and professionally and confidentially screens donors.

Plan Your Blood Drive

  • Designate a blood coordinator: This person will lead the effort, work with the ARC, help organize recruitment/promotional efforts, and be the contact for questions.
  • Use a planning checklist: Visit for a great resource.
  • Contact the American Red Cross: Visit to find your local chapter, make contact and start coordinating with an ARC rep.
  • Set the date and time: A typical drive is held on one day for about 6 hours, so plan for that. Select a date that’s convenient for you and potential donors. Use holidays and special promotions to tie-in themes and attract interest.
  • Set a goal: Setting a goal or challenge often inspires more participation, so go for it! Your goal can be a number of donors or units collected. Your ARC rep can help set a goal that will work best for you based on your pharmacy’s size and outreach efforts.
  • Discuss logistics: Talk with your ACR rep about various details including the site you should select in your pharmacy, equipment/supplies needed, ideal room temperature, and electrical outlets/lighting needed.
  • Learn effective recruitment strategies: Visit http:/ / to study what’s been working successfully to get more people participating in blood drives.
  • Offer an incentive: Make it even more worthwhile for a donor to give blood by including an incentive, perhaps $10 off a purchase of $30 or more. You can also provide food-pizza, cookies, fruit and other treats-as a way to get more recruits (free food is always a big draw!). Note: Any incentive you offer will need to be reviewed/approved by your ACR rep.

Promote, Schedule and Confirm

  • Promote across marketing platforms: Using the content we’ve provided for web, voice, text, email, social media and point-of-sale, you’ve got a turn-key, multi-channel campaign ready for you to promote right away.
  • Promote in person: Take the opportunity to tell customers about the blood drive (and sign them up!) while you’re filling their prescriptions and checking them out.
  • Display promotional materials: Put these up at your pharmacy to bring high visibility to your drive.
  • Schedule donors and distribute materials: As people contact you to get a slot on your schedule, you’ll want to also distribute helpful information about what donors can expect, how to prepare for giving blood, and the benefits of being a donor.
  • Confirm appointments: About 1 week before, contact donors to remind them of their appointments. Take this opportunity to also emphasize any special promotion(s) you may be running at that time.
  • Coordinate final plans: Review your planning checklist and work closely with your ARC rep to make sure you’ve covered everything.

The Day of the Drive

  • Post directional arrow posters: Available at, these will lead donors every step of the way to your donation site.
  • Arrive early and greet Red Cross staff/volunteers: Help make your pharmacy feel like home by giving guests a tour and helping them get comfortable.
  • Have a volunteer greet donors: Ensure you’ve got a friendly volunteer ready to warmly greet donors and direct them through the entire process.
  • Monitor the schedule: Keep track of appointments and contact no-shows to see if they can still make a visit.
  • Take photos: Capture some memorable moments of your customers, staff and volunteers to share and use in post-event communications.
  • Thank donors: Be sure to enthusiastically thank your customers/donors for their participation in this life-saving effort.

After Your Blood Drive

  • Evaluate and communicate results: Did you meet your goal? How many people gave blood? How much blood did you collect? Post results at your pharmacy, on your website and in other communications.
  • Celebrate and thank all participants: Send thank you notes to everyone who made the event a success. This includes your donors, American Red Cross team, staff and volunteers.

Get Started Today!

We hope you’re inspired to host a blood drive! Today is the perfect day to get started. Keep in mind all of the tips we’ve shared and reference the American Red Cross for more help