Campaign Library

Recurring Campaigns

Record a recurring campaign once and it will send automatically based on your patient data. The Clinical Refill Reminder, Happy Birthday, and Patient Loyalty calls are already part of your core campaigns.

Lost soul / sends when your patient hasn’t filled in six months

Post-antibiotic / sends four days after your patient fills an antibiotic

Turning 65 / sends 3 months before your patient’s 65th birthday for a Medicare plan review (English & Spanish)

OnDemand Campaigns

Record an OnDemand voice campaign once and then send it to patients as-needed using your Patient Engagement Center. You can also add OnDemand text messages.

One-Time Campaigns

One-Time Campaigns are customized messages, recorded in your voice and generated by us, to promote educational initiatives or general services. Unless you request otherwise, your one-time campaign will begin the Monday after it is approved by PrescribeWellness. If your message specifies an event date (ex: a health fair next Friday), your campaign will begin one week prior to your event. Please call our support line for any urgent campaign needs.

Please allow a minimum of 2-3 business days to process request.

If you would like to provide a specific list of patients to contact for your campaign, please provide a list of patient phone numbers on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by emailing it to Please note that all patients listed must be ages 18 and over.

Before submitting this form, kindly ensure that you have already recorded your campaign and that you have included the correct message ID. (This information is available under your Patient Engagement Center Settings -> Message Management.)