We’ve all heard about, and possibly have even been personally affected by the Opioid Crisis. We’ve also heard the statistics… each day, more than 115 people in the U.S. die from opioid overdose. Some states have been hit harder than others, with the majority of those hit hardest being on the east coast.

What originally began as a way to help patients cope with unbearable pain has turned into a problem much bigger than the one it intended to solve. Doctors may be the prescribing figures, but it’s pharmacists who are truly on the front lines. So how can pharmacists use their position and accessibility for the good of their community?

PrescribeWellness has decided to take action to fight the growing crisis by calling on 1,000 pharmacies across the country to ban together and take a stand against what is now called the “worst addiction epidemic in American history.”

Participating pharmacies are able to use the PrescribeWellness PrescribeCare platform to identify and monitor opioid users by calculating their risk assessment scores. With this tool, pharmacists are empowered with the information they need to perform care interventions for patients currently prescribed opioids to improve their medication therapy regimen and in turn, improve the health of the country’s most at-risk population. Of course, pharmacies will also get paid for conducting these meaningful encounters, but let’s be clear – reversing the devastating effects of opioid addiction is the foremost concern.

PrescribeWellness is providing:

  • PrescribeCare to identify at-risk opioid patients and get paid for initial encounters. Up to $50 reimbursement per patient. Subsequent encounter reimbursement is based on the patient’s risk score and subject to payer approval.
  • Webinar series designed to educate your staff on the opioid epidemic and how it relates to your patient population, plus step-by-step training on how to utilize the PrescribeCare tool.
  • Training materials on PW University including; best practices on how to engage with an at-risk opioid patient, patient resources, and outside referrals.
  • Marketing kit to promote the campaign and share your involvement with your network.

Get in touch with our Client Support team to raise your hand and join us in the fight against the opioid epidemic!