It almost sounds like a cliche because we hear it so often, but drinking adequate amounts of water really is extremely important and impactful when it comes to your health. But just because our patients know that drinking water is good for them doesn’t mean they’re actually doing it – or doing it properly. In fact, there’s a large portion of Americans that are drinking little-to-no water each day. Want to guess how many? We’ll just tell you…


Staying hydrated provides the following benefits:

  1. Improvement in physical performance
  2. Aides in weight loss
  3. Boosts your mood
  4. Boosts your brainpower
  5. Prevents headaches
  6. Protects against disease
  7. Helps your muscles and joints work better
  8. Keeps skin supple
  9. Cleanses your body inside and out

And so many more!

It’s the easiest thing our patients can do to improve and protect their health, especially during the hot summer months. Make sure your patients are educated on not just the importance of drinking water, but also how much of it they should be drinking. It’s likely that many Americans vastly underestimate how much water they truly need each day, and with so many online resources available these days, there’s really just no excuse to not know how much water we need.