The Fourth of July is just around the counter, which means many of your patients might be packing up and heading out for a long weekend! And even if you find that most of your patients are staying in town for the holiday, there’s no harm in making sure your pharmacy store is ready for the hustle and bustle of patients getting ready for a long weekend. Here’s 5 tips to make sure your pharmacy is ready for the holiday.

  1. State your pharmacy’s holiday hours

    If you’re planning to close or shorten your store hours for the holiday, make sure your patients know! Post signs throughout your store as a reminder, update your website, and update your voicemail. Communicate to your patients that you and your staff will be enjoying the holiday with your familiar and let them know when normal pharmacy hours will resume.

  2. Prepare your staff for the busy days leading into the holiday

    You’ll likely experience an influx of patient visits in the days leading up to the holiday. Keeping track of which patients are due for medication pickups and refills will make this much easier on your staff!

  3. Check your inventory for summer favorites

    Patients will visit for the medications, but might also stop in to pick up a few of their favorite summer essentials! Make sure your store is stock with non-pharmacy items like sunscreen, aloe vera, lip balms, and more!

  4. Evaluate last weekend’s rushes and plan accordingly…

    Take note of what the holiday rush was like last year. If you notice that certain times were busier than others, try to schedule your employees shifts to be stacked accordingly. This will help ensure that you have enough staff on hand when the store picks up.


Have fun! The Fourth of July is a time for friends and family to come together in celebration, so don’t forget to enjoy the holiday yourself!