Day to day, working in the community pharmacy setting can be extremely hectic. This patient needs this, that patient needs that, the phone is ringing off the hook and sometimes you just want to tear your hair out (hey, no judgement. We’ve been there). When this happens, it’s easy for your staff to lose sight of the important role they play in the lives of each of your patients, and the potential to significantly impact patient health isn’t an opportunity we want you to take lightly.

So how can you bring your staff out of the fog they feel during the daily grind? Here’s 3 ideas to do just that.

1. Allow each staff member the opportunity to take ownership.
Taking this step would allow the staff member to feel personally invested in the success of the pharmacy and the health of the patient. But how? One way is to create a compensation structure, like profit-sharing. If the pharmacy has a particularly successful year or achieves certain goals, the employees get a “piece of the pie!” And let’s face it, sometimes nothing motivates your employees quite like cold hard cash.

2. Recognize staff members when they have a particularly fruitful day.
In the day to day the pharmacy setting, it’s not uncommon for your staff to have a great conversation or experience with a patient. When this happens, take the opportunity to praise the employee for their work. The reality is that humans are happy to please others, so it’s a valuable lesson to never underestimate praise.

3. Don’t let your employees forget the role they play.
Sometimes, your patients just need a little fire underneath to get back on track. Most people are inherently driven to help others and do good, so reminding your staff that they are truly driving forces in a patient’s health can help them feel refreshed and tackle the day with a new attitude (hooray!). Try sharing a story about a time in which you took the time to help a patient accomplish a certain goal and how rewarding that experience was for you.